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Legal - Court Reports and Assessments


In consultation with clients (and often their legal teams) I have a great deal of experience helping/motivating people to overcome difficulties that have led to criminal charges. I have worked extensively within the NSW Health system and private practice, in both clinical and senior management roles. This includes significant experience in areas like mental health, drug and alcohol, and forensic programs such as the Adult Drug Court and the MERIT Programs.


I also have a great deal of experience in assessing and treating people who have sustained psychological injury due to the negligence of others. For example, being exposed to trauma at work and not receiving proper treatment from your employer or being injured in a car accident. This includes assessing past psychological functioning, treating current difficulties, and reporting about ongoing problems and treatment needs.


Comprehensive reports, including treatment plan with section 32 applications, and injury assessments are available at a varying cost depending on complexity.


The reports can be very useful for clients to show a court or tribunal:


- Willingness to change since being charged (e.g., attending counselling to reduce anger and deal with other relevant issues)


- Actual changes made since being charged (e.g., cessation of or significant reduction in drug use, employment.)


- Deficits at the time of committing an offence (e.g., substance dependence / mental health issues) 


- Deficits in psychological functioning, continued suffering, and ongoing needs due to negligence of others



A short letter of attendance is available for free. This will simply state why you attended and dates of sessions.  




A court report will only be written if the client has attended agreed number of sessions and will not be released until the account has been finalised. There is no Medicare rebate available for this fee, though a rebate may still apply for the counselling component (e.g., anxiety, depression, D&A issues).



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